Saturday, 26 September 2015

Favourite YouTubers (Updated)


I did this kind of post before, but it has to be updated! So without further introduction, here are my (current) favourite YouTubers :) ! (Some might be the same as a year ago..)

My new absolute favourite YouTuber has to be ANDREW LOWE :)

he is amazingly funny and has great video ideas! I  honestly cannot understand, why he hasn't hit 1 million subscribers jet. He has is very own style of making videos and works a lot with sarcasm and funny acting. I hope he will be more successful in the future, because I see great talent in him.

Another female YouTuber, who I enjoyed watching quite a while already actually, is NIOMI SMART! :)

She does mostly "girly" YouTube videos, such as for example hauls, "What I eat in a day", make-up tutorials, etc. But I really love her style and the her "personality" (I am not sure if you can say that, since she is "just" a YouTuber and I don't really know her). :)

The only YouTuber (as far as I remember) who made it on my list again this year is CASPAR LEE! :)

The South-African boy, who hates is when his name is spelled wrongly, has a great sense of humour. He often pretends to be dumper than he is, but this concept turns out great. And, obviously, he is a very attractive YouTuber. With over 5 Million subscribers he is very successful as well.
I still wish him a great future! :)

If you want to learn something, while watching a YouTube video, then this next channel is something for you: VSAUCE ! :)

The channel asks great questions and gives amazing answers. In a funny, but still serious way, the videos are highly recommendable! I wish my teachers would teach the way Michael does. Go and binge watch this channel, like I did! :)

And the last YouTuber, who I want to present to you this time is a German one. If you are not speaking German or have no interest in the language, the post will be over for you. But IF you DO like German, here you go, welcome to ROBBUBBLE!

He is a very talented YouTuber, who doesn't do as many videos as I wish he would. But even though is not very reliable with his video schedule, he is an amazing YouTuber. I hope he will film more videos in the future and wish him good luck!

Thanks for reading,

Bye :)

New favourite singer :))

Hey everyone,

I have been gone for quite a while, but now I am back, maybe...

However, this is going to be a short blog-post, about a singer, who I loved for the last couple of weeks.


Yes, the kid from pitch perfect 2! And no, not because of pitch perfect 2... To be honest, I didn't really like her in the movie. But her voice is really amazing. It might not be the best voice in the world, but I think her voice is still very nice to listen to. :)

Obviously, the first song I have ever heard from her was "Flashlight" (I know, not written by her) and I have loved it ever since.

And later I found her covers of popular songs and OMG they are amazing! One of my favourite covers by her is "Let It Go by James Bay" (even though it's just a few days old). The "Stiches" cover by her with Shawn Mendes (who I adore as well) is not my favourite, but still worth listening to.

Her newest popular song "Love Myself" has a amazing sound, but the text needs getting used to...

In my opinion, she is a very talented singer, whose voice is very beautiful.

What is your opinion about Hailee Steinfeld? And who is currently your favourite singer?

Thanks for reading,

Bye! :)

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Hey :)

I have a new blog! It's all about short stories, since I love to write. If you decide to take a look, I'd be very happy. But you don't have to, obviously! :))

Have a fun day :))



Monday, 5 January 2015

Book Review?

I thought about doing reviews on these books, if you are interested in them. 
Please let me know, if you want a review or not! 
Write your opinion about reviews (and the books, if you have read them) in the comments down below. Thank you very much. Bye ! :)

1. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
2. Paper Towns by John Green
3. Looking for Alaska by John Green
4. Every Day by David Levithan

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Introducing German Songs

As you might know I am from Austria. Therefor I speak German (obviously).

I really like music, but to be honest, I don’t listen to German music very often. Lately I heard a few German/Austrian songs again and really liked them. And today I wanna show you these songs. Not all of them are sung in German, but all are by German/Austrian musician.

I am very interested in your opinion on these songs (especially if you are a not-German-speaker). Please let me know what you think, in the comments below!

The first artist is Julian le Play (Julian Heidrich)

He is an Austrian singer and songwriter and has many beautiful songs. Most of them are in German. 



Secondly I show you the Austrian band Tagtraeumer

The third artist is Andreas Bourani

He is a German singer and songwriter and his hit “Auf Uns” is absolutely amazing.

The fourth artist is Cro

He is very famous in German right now.

The fifth and last artist for this post is Adel Tawil

He is a German singer and songwriter with an amazing voice.

Thanks for reading (and listening)

Have a lovely day!

Yours faithfully,